About Software Point & Manpreet Singh Rehsi

Manpreet Singh Rehsi

I would like to take this oppurtunity to Welcome you to About Page of Softpoint.in. Softpoint was started in december 2008 by Manpreet Singh Rehsi. Right from the start this blog has focused it’s posts on latest software, trends, windows security, wordpress and computers.

About Manpreet Singh Rehsi

Hi, I am a professional blogger and website developer from India. I love to write about latest technology and trends. I can’t call myself a fulltime blogger as I am still running my computer hardware business along with blogging and webdeveloping.

Though I am considering to quit hardware section and concentrate entirely on blogging and web development.

Contact Me

email me @ :- admin[at]softpoint.in
facebook :- http://www.facebook.com/manpreet.rehsi
Twitter :- http://www.twitter.com/manpreetrehsi