5 Best Android Games

Android is the best mobile OS and the latest buzzword in the IT industry. As we know that the Android is truly open source and there are millions of applications that are developed by the developers all over the world. The Android Market is an excellent place from where you can obtain many games and other useful applications. Here are some of the top Android games of 2011.


1. Angry Birds: This game is one of my favourite and is the most downloaded games on the App Market. The game comprises of birds that are angry with the pigs that have stolen their eggs and they try to seek revenge by hitting them that are in some cages via the sling shots. The game is also an education one that teaches us the concept of projectile motion and other boring laws of Physics in a fun and interactive way. The game is available for free from the Android Market.

2. Need For Speed – Shift: This is my favourite racing game. I have been playing NFS since I was a little kid. The game is developed by Electronic Arts and has been released on trial as well as paid version on the Android Marketplace. The game has all the necessary elements that will make racing experience a breeze.

3. Backbreaker THD: This is the presentation from the NaturalMotion and is based on the game of football. The game has high definition graphics with quality console controls that will make your moves on the screen easy to tackle. It is known for its tantalizing graphics and stunning imagery and sound effects. The game is little heavy on your pocket and you need to shell out $4.99 to download it but believe me this is worth every penny.

4. Honeycomb Ping Pong: This game is for the Ping Pong lovers. You don’t need a table to play this game; Android has made a virtual arena where you can compete with your opponents. The honeycomb ping pong is basically an extension of the simple single player table tennis game where the player competes with the CPU. The new enhanced version has four different modes in which players can compete with their opponents. The modes are single player, two players, Wi-Fi play and online play. The game is available for only $ 0.99.

5. X Construction Lite: This game is somewhat like building type of games where you have to construct the desired thing using the materials given. In this game you have to construct a bridge so that the train can cross the valley safely. This is a fun and time pass game where you can move up on the gaming ladder. This game received more than 250000 hits within a week of its launch and is available for free from the Market.

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  1. For those who likes different kind of games like real world treasure hunts , mystery and cool stories you should try play TrailHit – the return of the light.
    Try to save the planet and the human race ..there is a rumor that this is not a game at all 🙂 … you can find it in Android Market

  2. Along with Angry Birds now you can also include Angry Birds space to this list.. that one is more amazing than its predecessor..

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