Aadhaar Payment App Launched: Know How it Works

Aadhaar Payment App is going to be released by the Central Government of India to boost up the digital transactions. For the time being, this app is only available for Android smartphone users, but soon it will be available for iOS, Windows and other smartphone users. If you are fed up of using various wallet apps and by memorizing passwords, you should move to this latest app which enables you to make transactions directly by using your Aadhaar card number with the aid of Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

aadhaar payment app

Central Government of India is taking continues steps to root out some of the cumbersome diseases such as black money and corruption, by encouraging cashless transactions in cash dominated India. Government is promoting digital transactions and launching various offers for Indians to avoid cash payments. Without an iota of doubt, these steps will result into enriched scenario of India. It seems that the dream of “Digital India” is now becoming true due to these effective steps.

Highlights of Aadhaar Payment App

• Aims to eliminate fee charges (approximate 2-3%) of various card service providers such      as Mastercard and Visa. These fee charges are not affordable for every merchant.
• Eliminate the hassle causing due to the deficiency of POS (Point of Sales) machines.
• Uses Aadhaar card details, linked bank details of consumers to make digital transactions.
• Uses biometric scans to authenticate transactions.
• Based on Unified Payment Interface (UPI).
• Two edges of this app are available, one is for consumer and another is for merchant.
• It is not compulsory for the consumer to have this app. But consumer can have to make        quick digital transactions.
• Merchant should have biometric scanner along with Android smartphone to use Aadhaar        Payment app.
• If more than one bank account is linked to Aadhaar card, you can choose a particular             account from the list to make transaction.

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How Aadhaar Payment App Works

Are you curious to know how Aadhaar Payment app works ? For your convenience, we are going to let you know about its working in details. If you are a merchant then read the following detailed information and start accepting digital payments from your valuable customers.

Get Aadhaar Payment App and Biometric Scan Device

First of all, you need to get an app for your Android smartphone from Google Play Store. Along with the app installation, you need to purchase biometric scanner.

Merchant Registration & Login on App Interface

Launch the App and register yourself as a merchant (for the first time). Login to the App and then connect your smartphone with Biometric scanner.

Aadhaar Number and Fingerprint Scanning

Enter your Aadhaar card number in the app and scan your fingerprints to authenticate your identity. Now hit Proceed button.

Receive Digital Payments

Hit Aadhaar Pay button to initiate the process of receiving payments from the customers.

Customer’s Aadhaar Details for Digital Payments

Now select the name of bank from the list from which your customer wants to proceed the transaction. Enter the Aadhaar number of your customer and amount of transaction.

Authenticating Customer by Scanning Fingerprints

At this point, use biometric scanner and scan the fingerprints of the customer to authenticate his/her identity.

Confirmation to Finish Process

Finally hit Yes button appearing on the confirmation window and finish the digital transaction process.

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