Air Canada experienced app breach hence they have forced mobile app users to reset the passwords of the accounts. Air Canada has locked all Android, iOS and, Blackberry mobile app account as the hackers compromised about 20,000 accounts last week. Air Canada Mobile app breach has insisted the company put an extra layer of security on the accounts of users.

Air Canada Mobile App Breach

As per the notice of Air Canada, they spotted an unusual login behavior on the mobile app from August 22 to August 24, 2018, which lead them to suspect that the security of Air Canada’s app is at risk. The company implemented additional protocols to protect the data of their users.

Air Canada has contacted potentially affected 20,000 customers by email to let them know about this breach.

All the 1.7 million Air Canada’s app account holders are strongly recommended to reset their passwords as a precaution. Although some of the users are experiencing the delay while changing passwords, they should keep patient and cooperate with the company.

Air Canada mobile App accounts that are detected to be compromised contain basic as well as additional (optional) information. The information that is believed to be accessed by the hackers includes username, email address, telephone number, Aeroplan number, Passport number, NEXUS number, Known Traveller Number, gender, birthdate, nationality, passport expiration date, passport country of issuance and country of residence.

Fortunately, the credit card information is not compromised as it was encrypted and stored in compliance with security standards. Even the Aeroplan passwords are not breached but still suggested to keep an eye on transactions and report the company if found anything suspicious.

Air Canada stated that the users of Air Canada mobile App should not worry about the security as the company takes this matter very seriously. They also collaborate with the leading cyber security companies.

The breach of account information is not negligible as the hackers can misuse the information in various ways or they can sale the information to criminals. This can lead to the serious crimes by disguising as innocent persons.


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