Android O is the next version of Google’s popular mobile operating system, which has various noticeable features such as picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, restricted background activities, faster boot time, modified notifications panel, contextual press to hold options, improved audio performance, adaptive app icons and more.

The most interesting feature of Android O is picture-in-picture video support that enables you to watch videos in a floating mode. This feature is now being supported by Google Chrome too as some of the other apps added support for PiP video support earlier. This worth using picture-in-picture video support will help Chrome users to be multitasking.

Google Chrome adds picture-in-picture video support in Android O

In order to experience this feature, play any video on Chrome, go full screen and then tap the Recents button twice. Now you can enjoy PiP video support on your Google Chrome browser.

If you are using Android O, feel free to share your views about this new support.

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