Android Oreo Update: More Security Features

Android Oreo, the latest operating system of Android devices is the demand of every Android user due to its enormous excited features. After the official release of Oreo, the OEMs got busy for rolling out Oreo update to various eligible devices. Now the developers unveiled that the next Android Oreo update is bringing enhanced security features.

Android Oreo 8.0 next update

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The developers put their efforts continually to add and polish the mobile operating systems features, whether these are related to its accessibility, functionality or security. This time, the developers of Android have dropped the network protocols that were not secure and made the kernels more stabilized.

It is being confirmed that due to the improved security features, the networks will be more secure and the Android Oreo users will be able to get safer apps and get additional control.

Fortunately, Android Oreo users can access their devices with more efficiency and security. Some security features updated in Android Oreo are as follows:

Android Verified Boot 2.0 (AVB):

The new reference implementation, Android Verified Boot 2.0 prevents downgrading to the older Android OS versions. This feature actually increases the security of the device as the older system may be vulnerable. Android Verified 2.0 (AVB) runs with Project Treble for turning on security updates like rollback protection and common footer format.

The device saves the updated OS version using the special hardware or Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) sign data.

OEM Lock Hardware Abstraction Layer:

Oreo also contain OEM Lock Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) is the interface between software and hardware which provide more flexibility to the device manufacturers for how to protect the locked, unlocked or unlockable devices. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is come out with this protection.

Android Oreo is also packed with updated improvements such as Platform hardening and process isolation, App security, device identifier changes and many more.

Share your suggestions regarding Android Oreo’s improvements and let’s know what do you expect from Android Oreo’s next update?

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