KeyScrambler is an antikeylogger software that encrypts everything you type online or on apps and keep your confidential information safe from being misused. The latest version of KeyScrambler 3.11, offers Anti-KeyStroke Profiling feature which prevents from those who try to profile the way you type by default. This makes it the best keystroke encryption software available.

As internet is spreading more and more people are coming online. They do all sorts of interaction online may it be financial transactions, purchasing, communicating with family or conducting business online. Now, if all of this information falls in wrong hands it can be catastrophic for your business or personal life.

Hackers can install a keylogger to your system through malware and can get complete access to your banking credentials. All the financial malware are created with just one thing in mind, just to steal your information.

This is where anti keylogger software comes in action.

How is Keystroke processed in Windows 10 Operating Systems ?

When you press a key, the keystroke is first handled by hardware controller on the computer’s motherboard. It is then send forward to Windows kernel keyboard input stack and then processed by windows system input manager.

After this keystroke is send to queue belonging to the application window that currently has input focus. Keystore is then received, intercepted and displayed. In this long path of keystroke process keystroke can be intercepted by a keylogger.

How does anti-Keylogger KeyScrambler Works ?

Keyscrambler try to capture keystrokes as soon as possible while the keystroke is processed at Windows Kernel using the advance encryption module. This way the encrypted keystroke is processed by different layers of windows operating system.

After this process even if keylogger is successful in capturing the keystroke, all it will have a encrypted one which will be of no use for hacker. The encrypted keystroke is decrypted when it reached the intended application.

Windows 10 KeyScrambler Editions Available

Personal (free)
Professional ($29.99)
Premium ($44.99)

What’s New in Windows 10 KeyScrambler 3.11

  • Anti-Keystroke Profiling.
  • support for 60 web browsers.
  • support for Windows 10 Creators Update.
  • support for 16 additional applications.

The Anti-Keystroke Profiling Feature in KeyScrambler 3.11

The Keystroke Profiling feature is being used as an experimental version in the latest version of KeyScrambler. This new feature restricts those attackers who try to get the typed information by the way you usually type.

This feature is disabled by default in beta therefore if the you want to enable it, you can enable it manually.

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How to Download and Install KeyScrambler 3.11

When you download this antikeylogger software run it and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

How to Enable Anti-Keystroke Profiling Feature in KeyScrambler 3.11

Launch the KeyScrambler software on your Windows PC and switch to “Anti-profiling” tab.

Anti-Keystroke Profiling Feature in KeyScrambler 3.11

Check “Protect Against Keystroke Profiling [Experimental]” and click OK.

Anti-Keystroke Profiling Feature in KeyScrambler 3.11

You can enable Anti-profiling feature for all supported web browsers or supported apps (See the screenshot).

KeyScrambler windows 10

By default the Anti-Keystroke Profiling strength is set to 3 but you can increase the protection by scrolling the blue indicator to the right.

Anti-Keystroke Profiling Feature in KeyScrambler Windows 10


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