Apple is testing unannounced iOS 13 internally for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV

Apple’s iOS 13 is in the hypes as it has been spotted by the website traffic analytics. The traces of iOS 13 reveal that the company is testing the latest iOS version under the hood. The company didn’t unveil about this new version of Apple mobile operating system, but it is expected to bring revamped user interface as exciting new features.

Apple iOS 13

There were lots of features that were prepared for iOS 12 but withheld due to the buggy iOS 11. Apple iOS 11, was not working as per the expectations due to lots of bugs & issues. That’s why the company mainly focused to fix security issues and enhance the performance of iOS 12 to make it a stable version. Apple Inc. only emphasis on the stability of Apple phone operating system iOS 12 instead of adding continuous features. The withheld features of iOS 12 are reported to be released in iOS 13.

MacRumors stated in a blog post that website traffic analytics showing the visits from the devices iOS 13. As per the reports, the devices with iOS 13 update, started visited websites in October but noticed in November and December.

BGR also confirmed in a separate report that their website is also being accessed by iPhones and iPads running unreleased iOS 13 to their site. They spotted iOS 13 traces back in August.

There are various rumors popping up about the new features of iOS 13. Some of the sources claim that Apple prepared some features for iOS 12 but they didn’t unveil them due to some bugs. Now they would release those features in iOS 13. Further, along with revamped UI, expanded photo management features of Photos app, revamped Home screen app grid, we may experience Split View multitasking mode using the same app side-by-side.

iOS 13 is supposed to release at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June. Get ready to grab fantastic features with this latest update on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

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