While the latest iOS 11 with a bunch of latest features is expected to roll out at the end of next month, Apple has released the iOS 11 developer beta 5 to test the new update. This new iOS developer beta includes certain bug fixes, refinements, changes, and additions.

The feedback from developers will help Apple team to prepare improved features and fix the reported bugs in order to shape the latest iOS updates. If you are one of the developers who have paid $99 per year to access latest iOS betas and developers tools, you can install iOS 11 developer beta 5 on your testing iOS device.

As iOS 11 beta is opened to the public, lots of issues are being reported to Apple team continuously. Without an iota of doubt, Apple is known for the taking the product development seriously, therefore the team will definitely take an advantage of reported issues and utilize their resources efficiently to release the best iOS update.

As the beta updates incorporate bugs and unexpected issues, we don’t recommend you to install iOS 11 developer beta 5 update unless or until you are ready to tackle the unwanted issues. It would be better if you use a separate device for testing purpose so that the bugs won’t disturb your day to day work held on your iOS device.


You can go through the below given “Notes and Known Issues” for this latest iOS 11 developer beta 5 and conclude what exactly has been fixed and changed in this update.

ios 11 developer beta 5 release notes

If you install iOS 11 beta 5, let us know about your experience via comments. Stay tuned to know more about Apple’s official announcements and updates.


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