Australian schoolboy hacked Apple and stored 90GB of secure files in “Hacky Hack Hack” folder

While Apple is known for its unhackable systems and devices, a sixteen-year-old schoolboy has shaken the company by hacking Apple’s secure computer network. It’s unbelievable that most of the worldwide hackers might be unable to hack Apple, but this teen boy broke into the most secure mainframe of Apple. The teen hacker stole 90GB of secure files and stored the data in the folder named as “Hacky Hack Hack”.

Teen boy hacked Apple

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Apple found the hacking activity and contacted the FBI. After that Australian Federal Police raided the teen hacker’s home and seized two Apple laptops that were used in the data breach. Moreover, the analysis found that the Australian hacker accessed extremely secure “authorized keys” that grant log-in access to the users.

After hacking, the boy used WhatsApp to boast about his achievement. The name of hacker boy cannot be revealed as he’s a minor as well as a well-known individual in the international hacking community.

The defense lawyer of the hacker stated that the boy was a big fan of Apple and wanted to work with Apple. No doubt, the boy has a mastermind and Apple needs such kind of brainy workers to cope up with security threats.

The boy is pleaded guilty in the court and awaiting sentencing. Apple must think more about the security of the systems as users would not compromise with the security threats. Probably Apple will offer the job to this teen hacker boy.

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