Auto Shutdown is a simple and free utility which helps you to schedule for PC shut down in advance. You can set the time of shut down and software and force shutdown your computer or give you an audio reminder before starting the shutdown procedure.


Usage of Auto Shutdown:

  1. Set the time.
  2. Set the action to be taken.
    a.    Shutdown means that the computer will be turned off (after logging off, if needed). Force means that the running applications (if any) will be forced to close themselves). This can be dangerous, is some cases you may loose your data, unsaved documents
    b.    Remind me about means that, when the time will come, a message box will be shown with your message (e.g. “Eggs are ready!”, or “the movie has began!”).
  3. If you want, minimize the program (the “Auto Shutdown” program dialog).
  4. That’s it. When the time will come, auto shutdown will do the specified job.

    File Size :- 55.98 KB
    License  :- Freeware
    Homepage :-



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