Google has launched the new feature in Google Chrome Dev that enables user to get rid of mixing multiple audios playing at the same time. This feature is available in Google Chrome Dev for desktop and Chrome Operating System. Some of the users prefer to play multiple audios simultaneously while others don’t like this type of interference. They like to focus on single audio in a specified period.

Multiple audios can interrupt your main concentration. You can restrict to play more than one audio at the same time by following a simple method.

How To Avoid Mixing Multiple Audios On Google Chrome Dev

Launch the Google Chrome and type chrome://flags/#enable-default-media-session in the address bar. You can see highlighted option “Manage audio focus across tabs”.

avoid mixing multiple audios on google chrome dev

Click on the drop down list of under the option Manage audio focus across tabs and enable the option.

avoid mixing multiple audios on google chrome dev

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Note: There are two options to enable this feature.
• Enable
• Enable (Flash lowers the volume when interrupted by other sound, experimental)
The first option blocks the audio that is playing at present. On the other hand, second option decreases the volume of audio that is already playing.
Keep in mind that the second option is experimental. It may or may not work as Google is working on it to make improvements.
Finally restart the Chrome browser to apply the changes. Now you can enjoy single audio and avoid mixing multiple audios playing on the same time. You can also disable this feature by following same procedure whenever required.

Hopefully Google will make necessary amendments to make this feature more useful for all users.


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