Google Chrome users usually save their favorite websites as bookmarks for the quick access. Google Chrome bookmark manager lets you import and export the bookmarks. This feature helps you to backup Google Chrome bookmarks and migrate them to other browsers.

If you use various browsers other than Google Chrome such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge & Opera, you can use the same bookmarks on all them. For this you need to save HTML file of bookmarks on Chrome and then import that file on any of the browser where you want the exact bookmarks.

How to Bookmark Websites in Chrome

To create bookmarks in Google Chrome. Just open the desired site and click on Star icon appearing on the right side of the address bar.

You can edit the display name for the bookmark if you want. Finally click Done button.

You can also use the shortcut key (Ctrl + D) to bookmark favorite websites.

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How To Backup Google Chrome Bookmarks

Create a backup of your Google Chrome bookmarks by following the short & simple procedure, which we are going to explain in this blog post.

Launch your Chrome browser and access three dot menu. Click on Bookmark option and then select Bookmark manager.

Now click on Organize appearing on the right pane of the bookmark manager window. Select “Export bookmarks to HTML file”.

Backup google chrome bookmarks

Save As window will be displayed. You can save the HTML file at the specified location on your PC. Type the desired name for the file and hit Save button.

export google chrome bookmarks

That’s it. Now you can import this HTML file of bookmarks on other browsers or keep it as a backup file.


  1. One of the main reasons that I never considered using browsers, is because I have a lot of bookmarks and it would be a pain for me to add them all, but this makes things easy for me, thank you. Is there something similar for extensions? At the moment I don’t have many but just in case.


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