How to Backup and Restore Signal Chat?

The signal is a secure, powerful, and free messaging app that imposes end-to-end encryption on your conversation. It has gained the place of being one of the top free messaging apps in a few days as WhatsApp revealed new terms of service and privacy policies and the privacy concern of the users lead to explore WhatsApp alternatives. We can notice a tremendous spike in the user growth of Signal, an open-source app. If you are also one of those who switched from WhatsApp to Signal, you might need to backup and restore Signal messages at any stage.

Some of the users may get disappointed to know that unlike WhatsApp, Signal is unable to create a cloud backup of messages. As Signal provides the feature to keep backup locally, it will not be possible to retrieve your Signal messages if you don’t have your backup file.

Backup of Signal messages is possible only on Android devices, unfortunately, this feature is not available on iOS. But you can transfer your Signal messages, files, pictures, and other content to another iOS device.

How to Backup Signal Messages on Android Device?

Here’s a complete step-by-step guide to backup messages in Signal:

Launch Signal App and tap on three-dot menu appearing on the top right corner.

Backup Signal Messages

Click on Settings and then tap on Chats and Media.

backup and restore signal chat

Under the backups section, click on Chat backups. Now, hit Turn On to enable backup of Signal chat.

backup signal chat history

You will notice a 30-digit passphrase. This code will enable you to restore your Signal backup whenever require hence keep the code in a safe place. Note that code or simply take a screenshot. After that, checkmark “ “ and hit Enable backups.

Signal backup code

If you want the backup for the same phone as you’re planning to reset the phone, keep your backup file on your computer. On the other hand, if you want to switch to a new device, move your backup file to a new device.

How to Restore Signal Chat Backup on Android?

If you already have a backup of Signal chat, you can restore it anytime. For this, you must have 30-digit passphrase.

  • Download the Signal app and install it.
  • Tap on Restore backup.
  • Now select the Signal backup file that you want to restore.
  • Enter your 30-digit passphrase Signal backup code and Tap on Restore.
  • Finally, enter your details and start using the Signal messaging app.

How to Take Signal chat backup on iOS?

Here are some devices from which you can transfer data:
iPhone > iPhone
iPhone > iPad
iPad > iPad
Unlinked iPad > iPhone

Requirements to Transfer Data from iOS to iOS

Both devices:

  • Should be updated to the latest version of Signal and iOS 12.4 or later.
  • If using iOS 14, the Local Network permission should be enabled in Settings > Signal
  • Enabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Low Power mode should be disabled in iOS Settings > Battery

Your new device:

  • Should be physically close to your old iOS device.
  • requires to complete registration if it is an iPhone, iPod touch, or unlinked iPad.
  • can register with the same number on your old device.

Your old device:

  • needs a camera that is functioning properly.
  • will no longer have your message history after the completion of data transfer.

How to Transfer Signal Messages to New iOS Device?

  • Download and install Signal on your new iOS device.
  • If prompted, complete the registration process.
  • Now select Transfer from iOS Device and hit Next (linked iPad only). The QR code will appear.
  • On the old iOS device, hit Next and scan the QR code generated on the new device.
  • This will transfer your existing Signal data to a new device.
  • Now you can proceed to use the Signal app on the new iOS device. Your old device will no longer have a Signal chat history.

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