Gone are the days when hard drives were of capacity 1GB, 2GB or 10GB today as the capacity of hard drives is increasing at a rapid pace, the amount of files stored is also increasing. With conventional search it’s going to take time when you are searching a hdd of capacity of around 500 GB. To rescue you from this time consuming process Desktop Search Tools are available and have improved there searching capabilities vastly. These tools makes a index of your entire hard drive for the first time they are installed and then keep on updating the index database as you modify, add or delete any file. In this series I am mentioning four of the best desktop search tools available to you as freeware.

1. Google Desktop is desktop search application which provides you full text search for your email, pictures, files, music and more. After installing Google Desktop it starts indexing files when it finds system resources free. It also has a sidebar where google gadgets can be installed just like yahoo widget. Widgets ranges from email, weather, online photos, latest news. Download Here

2. Windows Search 4 adds support for indexing files on windows Xp or Vista OS. Service pack 2 or latter is required.Windows Search 4 is very improved version can also index encrypted files. The speed is the most improved part of this version. Download Here

3. Locate32 helps user to find files from their hard drives. The method of indexing files is slightly different from other desktop search tools as it does not search for content inside files. The search is only limited to file name. The main reason of popularity for this tool is it’s small size, fast searching and less resource utilization. Locate32 can also run as a portable application on thumb drive. Download Here

4. Copernic Desktop Search Home Edition allows you to instantly search your files, emails from your computers hard drive. You can also short list the search by further selecting type of files to be searched like MS Office, PDF, Mp3 or video files etc. Entire Hard Drive files are indexed first time the software is started and the index is updated as soon as any new file is created or any old file is edited. One of the most cool feature of copernic is its ability to preview the files in a preview panel. Download Here



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