Beware Fake Windows Update has a Malware Payload

spammerA fake Windows Update email is going around internet for few days. First spotted by Sophoslabs. Emails tries to make user believe that the mail is from Microsoft security team advising you to install a zipped file on your system on windows platform.

The email comes with Subject line as “Update your windows” With a lengthy text which even has real name of a senior member of Microsoft’s Security team Steve Lipner to make it feel genuine.

Originally files contains malware W32/Autorun-BMF & Mal/BredoZp-B concealed in it. If you receive this kind of email simple delete it immediately as Microsoft does not contact windows users via email to update any of it’s product.

If you go further by investigating this email your will found that the header of email has a reply address a This is a big spelling mistake may be spammers need to improve typing and English skills or simple use a spelling checking software.

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