The fourth largest South Korean bitcoin and ether exchange Bithumb has been hacked. This massive cyber attack resulted in loss of billions of won in compromised accounts as well as personal information of 31,800 Bithumb website users is compromised.

Bithumb is World’s largest bitcoin exchange that is listed in top 5 exchanges. Over 13,000 bitcoins trading is being hosted by this exchange on daily basis as well as 44% South Korean ether trading.

Bithumb hacked

One victim claimed to loss bitcoins worth 10 million instantly, reported in the local newspaper. On the other hand, one customer claimed the loss of 1.2 billion won.

Even the surveys are conducted to find the loss facts and over one hundred victims reveal that their bitcoins worth billions have been withdrawn from the accounts. Bithumb customers have already filed the complaint against this breach at National Police Agency’s cybercrime report center.

As per Bithumb statement, this massive hack has been conducted to the personal computer of an employee, not to the network of exchange or servers. Even there was no direct access to the bitcoins stored on the exchange.

The company has committed to provide the compensation for personal information leakage. They would pay 100,000 won per person and consider about more damages soon.

Bithumb also reported to three agencies, the Korean Communications Commission, the Supreme prosecutors’ office and the Korean Internet and Security Agency about this hack.

The information about the exact loss and responsible factors of this hack will be revealed only after the investigation gets completed.

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