Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Netflix’s interactive movie not supported by all devices

Netflix released its interactive Bandersnatch movie that allows Netflix users to interact with episodes. Unfortunately, some of the devices are not capable of playing Bandersnatch. It’s questionable whether the users of incompatible devices are going to miss out Netflix interactive content?

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

It’s unbelievable that even the Apple TV is not compatible with an interactive episode of Netflix. The Chromecasts, browsers that use Silverlight software as well as the Windows 10 Netflix app are incapable of playing bonus of Netflix’s popular original series Black Mirror.

Apart from these devices, Android devices running the older version than Android 6.19 can’t let their owners enjoy this latest Netflix episode.

If you are running one of the incapable devices, you must be thinking about how you’d be able to watch this incredibly innovative episode Bandersnatch. Thanks to 9to5Mac who suggests that if you are using Apple TV, you can use iOS device to mirror the interactive content on it. Windows Netflix app users can use a web browser as an alternate.

Hopefully, Netflix will not let the users in this situation. They will surely provide a solution soon.

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