Microsoft Windows allows you to use multiple tricks and tweaks in order to play with default settings. Windows Registry is a database that contains the settings and configuration of your Windows PC used by all of the components, applications, services and so on. In short we can say that the complex structure of Registry contains almost every setting and it is not so easy to play with this hierarchical system.

If you used to use registry editor then you can bookmark favorite locations in it for the ease of operation. It is pretty helpful because it is not easy to remember the complex path of any registry settings.

How To Bookmark Favorite Locations In Windows Registry Editor

In this blog post, we are going to let you know how you can bookmark favorite locations in Windows Registry Editor and avoid navigating long & complex paths every time.

First of all, type regedit in the Windows Search box and hit Enter key to launch Registry Editor.

bookmark favorite locations in windows registry

User Account Control (UAC) window will prompt, click Yes button to give the permission in order to make changes in your PC. Now you can see Registry Editor window which is divided into two panes.

windows registry editor

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Navigate the path which you want to bookmark for repeated use. Now tap on Favorites menu and hit the option Add to Favorites.

bookmark favorite locations in windows registry

Give a name to the bookmark which could be understandable. Click OK button.

bookmark favorite locations in windows registry

You can access bookmarks from the same menu (Favorites) and if you no longer need any of the bookmarks then you can even remove it from the menu.

access bookmark locations in windows registry

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Note: It is recommended not to play with Windows Registry Editor unless or until you are aware of basics of this complex structure. As we told you earlier in this blog post that Windows Registry contains all the default settings of the Computer system, so misusing Registry may corrupt your Windows and make your PC unstable.

So we don’t suggest beginners to use Registry editor. If you have some knowledge and stick to our instructions then there would be no problem but still we recommend you to take a backup of your Windows Registry before starting to use these tips.


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