Microsoft released Windows 7 KB4034664 Monthly Rollup in August which is leading rendering issues on the computers running multiple displays. This broken Windows 7 Update cause to broke down the second display connected to Windows PC and unfortunately, Microsoft security team doesn’t have any solid solution for this issue rather than a manual workaround which is not successful on the PCs with older graphic cards or Windows 7 Patch KB4039884 that is buggy too.

Buggy Windows 7 update

Instead of resolving the rendering issues of KB4034664 Update, KB4039884 patch has brought more twists in the form of bugs. The users who have applied this latest patch are getting false Windows 7 Update notifications and the system is restoring the old version of various files, noted by Woody Leonhard. Microsoft itself is not aware of this Windows 7 notification bug. The Windows 7 users can either use the manual workaround to get rid of the rendering bug or to wait until Microsoft releases next Windows Patch.

If you have installed KB4039884, you can remove the update to eliminate the issues. In the manual workaround for KB4034664 issues, you need to enable Desktop Composition. The main screen of the PC should be on the first position of monitor layout.

This is not happening for the first time when Microsoft releases a broken patch to fix Windows patch issues. Microsoft team should start taking this matter more serious than ever before to satisfy Windows users in terms of Windows security updates.

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