How To Capture Screenshot In Google Chrome (Including Device Frame)

Are you fed up of taking screenshots by using same methods? And what about to capture screenshot including device frame? You might experience various screenshot utilities that are popular among users. Now we are going to tell you about another interesting screenshot method without using extension and Print Screen key.
Google Chrome has a hidden option that enables you to take more realistic mobile screenshots. You can select from a wide variety of device frames. Use this option of Google Chrome and capture a perfect screenshot.

How To Capture Screenshot In Google Chrome

First of all, launch Google Chrome and choose
Settings > More Tools > Developer Tools
Press F12 to directly open Chrome Development Tools


capture screenshot in google chrome without extension

Now enable the device toolbar. It will turn blue (indicating that it is enabled).

capture screenshot in google chrome without print screen key

Select the brand of mobile device from the drop down list and set the zoom level to 100%.


capture screenshot in google chrome

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Now set the orientation of mobile device and click on the three dot menu and hit the first option Show device frame.

capture screenshot in google chrome including device frame

Finally take the screenshot by clicking the Capture screenshot option from the same list (three dot menu list).


Try something new and give a perfect look to your screenshots. Don’t stick to the same ways of capturing the screenshots.

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