manage saved passwords google chrome

How to Manage Saved Passwords in Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the secure, reliable and most used web browsers. It’s packed with abundance of features that ease the operations and provide better user experience. Google Chrome’s Password Manager enables you to save passwords in Chrome, view saved passwords, remove saved passwords in Chrome and export saved … Read more

Chrome OS to Block USB Ports on Locked Devices

Chrome OS to Block USB Ports on Locked Devices

Chromebook is essentially a secure device but what about the attackers who are capable of accessing Chromebook with the help of a malicious USB drive? Google is taking steps to get rid of this issue that makes the Chromebooks vulnerable to security threats. Upcoming Chrome OS feature “USBGuard” will provide … Read more

Android apps share data with Facebook

Various Android Apps Share Data with Facebook

While some of the people have determined to stay away from Facebook due to the data collecting practices, Facebook is using another way to track those ones. Whether anyone stopped using Facebook or never signed up, Facebook collects data from other Android apps. Image credit: Pixabay Recently, the Privacy International … Read more