clean install Windows 10

How to Clean Install Windows 10

Why You Need to Clean Install Windows 10? If you reinstall Windows 10, it can solve various Windows 10 issues related to battery life, memory issue, startup or shutdown, third-party software, temporary files, configuration errors, performance or compatibility, and viruses or malware. To eliminate such problems of Windows 10, simply … Read more

how to use signal app

How to Use the Signal App

The signal is an encrypted messaging app that is prepared by focusing on the privacy of users. Signal App is developed by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC which is an independent non-profit company. The signal is neither tied to any organization nor sells ads. The development of this messaging … Read more

how to backup and restore signal chat

How to Backup and Restore Signal Chat?

The signal is a secure, powerful, and free messaging app that imposes end-to-end encryption on your conversation. It has gained the place of being one of the top free messaging apps in a few days as WhatsApp revealed new terms of service and privacy policies and the privacy concern of … Read more

How to Change Screen Refresh Rates in Windows 10

Refresh rate is number of times the image on your monitor is refreshed by the system each second. The term for measuring the refresh rates is called Hertz (Hz). Better the refresh rate better and smoother is the viewing experience. Normally, refresh rate is kept at 60Hz which is an … Read more

multiple ways to uninstall windows 10 update

How to Uninstall Windows 10 Update

Microsoft releases Windows 10 updates regularly to bring new features or patch bugs of different severity levels, but sometimes the updates bring more issues instead of making Windows 10 stable. To get rid of Windows 10 issues or crashes occurred due to the latest updates, you might need to uninstall … Read more