Create QR Codes For Free With SPARQCode!

All of you know about bar codes. I am going to introduce to you next generation bar Code called Quick Response short name “QR”. QR is an advance Matrix based 2D bar code which can contain many type of contents like mobile number, website url or location of a building. These QR codes have limitless applications as various types of data can be stored in it. You can create QR Code for free at

Manage Your Personal Finances, Create Budgets With for Free

As the World economy is reviving from recession still you will feel some pressure on you pocket every month. Keeping track of your expenses and maintaining a budget sometimes can  really be a tough nut to crack. Financial Planning is must for every individual these days.
You can find a lot of personal finance software to manage your finances online One of the best website I found few days back is from intuit. The website provides service to manage your personal finances for free. After you register with website you can add your credit card or debit card accounts. The system automatically retrieves spending details from your account all at one centralized location.

Best Desktop Search Tools – Find Your Files Faster


Gone are the days when hard drives were of capacity 1GB, 2GB or 10GB today as the capacity of hard drives is increasing at a rapid pace, the amount of files stored is also increasing. With conventional search it’s going to take time when you are searching a hdd of capacity of around 500 GB. To rescue you from this time consuming process Desktop Search Tools are available and have improved there searching capabilities vastly. These tools makes a index of your entire hard drive for the first time they are installed and then keep on updating the index database as you modify, add or delete any file. In this series I am mentioning four of the best desktop search tools available to you as freeware.

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