Download Microsoft Windows Xp October 2009 Security Updates & Patches

windows_update_patches Microsoft on Patch Tuesday of October 2009  released 9 updates and patches for Windows XP Most of them have been rated as critical. 

  • KB973525 – Update Rollup for ActiveX Kill Bits 486.87 KB
  • KB974571 – Windows CryptoAPI Could Allow Spoofing 509.26 KB
  • KB975467 – Local Security Authority Subsystem Service Could Allow Denial of Service 772.87 KB
  • KB969059 – Indexing Service Could Allow Remote Code Execution 1.01 MB
  • KB975254 – FTP Service for Internet Information Services Could Allow Remote Code Execution 531.37 KB
  • KB958869 – GDI+ Could Allow Remote Code Execution 1.24 MB
  • KB971486 – Windows Kernel Could Allow Elevation of Privilege 2.58 MB
  • KB953297 – Microsoft .NET Common Language Runtime Could Allow Remote Code Execution ( for .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1) 13.87 MB
  • KB974417 -Microsoft .NET Common Language Runtime Could Allow Remote Code Execution (for Framework .Net 2 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP 1) 10.93 MB


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    Download Windows 7 October 2009 Security Update & Patches

    Microsoft released update and patches for upcoming Windows 7 on Patch Tuesday. Windows 7 got it’s first critical update before the release date 22 October 2009. As the code was finalized in July, users have to install the update separately. KB974431 An update is available to improve the stability and … Read more

    Download Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 – Vista SP2

    Windows Vista SP2 Microsoft released Windows Vista Service Pack 2 in month of May 2009. This Service Pack includes all updates released since SP1. The Vista Service Pack 2 supports new hardware standards, enhances security and improved user experience.  SP2 simplifies administration by enabling IT administrators to deploy and support a single service pack for all clients and servers.

    Vista Service Pack 1 should be installed before installing vista service pack 2.

    Download Vista Serivice Pack 1

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    Download Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 – Vista SP1

    windows vista service pack 1
    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was released in March 2008. The released service pack  apart from fixing range of bugs also enhanced the security level, manageability and  improved the working experience of users. The service pack could be applied on all version of Windows Vista like Home Basic, Home premium, Business and Ultimate.

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    nLite – Customize Your Windows OS Installation


    nLite allows you to customize your installation of Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 2003. You can integrate service packs and hotfixes from Microsoft directly into your windows distribution files without having to re-download and install them every time you need to re-install windows.There is also the option to remove unwanted components from within windows. Many applications are automatically included every time windows is installed. . By removing these unwanted components you can free up space within your setup and ultimately save space on your hard drive after installation.nLite also provides a way to customize your installation by allowing numerous tweaks to the way windows looks and operates after it has been installed. You can even bypass Microsoft’s bulky unattended setup instructions and do it the easy way.

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