Download KB5001567, KB5001566, KB5001568, KB5001565 Offline Installers – Update to fix BSOD and Printing Issue

Microsoft is rolling out emergency updates to fix the Blue Screen of Death “APC_INDEX_MISMATCH” and “win32kfull.sys” issues. You may recall that Windows 10 received security updates on the March 2021 Patch Tuesday that were packed with several fixes. While the previous Windows 10 cumulative update solved intended Windows 10 problems, … Read more

ElectroRAT Malware Targets Crypto Wallets

A new extremely intrusive Remote Access Tool (RAT), ElectroRAT has been targeting cryptocurrency wallets. A rise in the value of cryptocurrency is attracting cyber attackers to attempt phishing attacks and drain their private Digital currency wallets completely. Till now, around 6500 victims have been affected by this ElectroRAT malware. Although … Read more