Android apps share data with Facebook

Various Android Apps Share Data with Facebook

While some of the people have determined to stay away from Facebook due to the data collecting practices, Facebook is using another way to track those ones. Whether anyone stopped using Facebook or never signed up, Facebook collects data from other Android apps. Image credit: Pixabay Recently, the Privacy International … Read more

Netflix phishing scam

FTC Warns About Netflix Phishing Scam

The US government agency has sent an official warning to the Netflix users as a new phishing scam is identified. The hackers are trying to steal the money by requesting the consumers to update their payment information. Image credit: Unsplash The FTC shared a screenshot of an Email scam that … Read more

T-Mobile hacked

2 Million Customers’ data breach from T-Mobile server

T-Mobile, the most popular telecom service admitted that hackers have breached its server on August 20 and hacked over 2 million customer’s data including names, addresses, account numbers and billing zip codes but the good news is the breach doesn’t contain any financial information of customers like credit card numbers, … Read more