Windows 10 Patch KB3081438 Direct Download

Windows 10 patch KB3081438 has been released by Microsoft. This is third update pushed in two weeks, last updates were KB3081424 & KB3081436. All the three are cumulative updates, which means every package has updates and patches of earlier release. Not much details is available about the nature of this … Read more

Windows 10 Patch KB3081436 Direct Download

Windows 10 Patch KB3081436 has been released by Microsoft on Patch Tuesday pattern. This is second major update after KB3081424  release. As this is also a cumulative update it includes all the previous update including KB3081424 . If you have previous updates installed, only the new fixes that are contained in this … Read more

Windows 10 Patch KB3081424 Direct Download

Windows 10 Patch KB3081424 is being rolled out as a cumulative update by Microsoft. This update will replace the earlier released KB3074683. Being a cumulative update means that this package contains all previously released fixes. The total size of KB3081424 update is around 300 MB, but if your windows 10 … Read more