Adobe Hacked 2.9 million Creative Cloud Customers Compromised

Adobe hacked ! ! ! This is biggest news today. The creative software company has details about the security breach on its official blog. According to Adobe hackers managed to get...

offline installer java 7 JRE Direct Download Link

Java offline installer JRE provide the libraries which are required to run applications made with java programming language. Java software allows to run application called “applets” which are coded in Java...

Avast Browser Cleanup Tool to remove unwanted toolbars

Unwanted browser tool bars and plugins have always been headache for unaware users. Being in Computer service industry I have seen systems of users with more that five to six toolbars...

Adobe Reader XI (11.0.1) Direct Download

Adobe reader is one such software which needs no introduction. Industry leader in portable document format for last many years has released it latest version of PDF reader. The PDF format...

Java Runtime Environment 7 Update 15 offline installer

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) offline installer provide the libraries which are required to run applications made with java programming language. Java software allows to run application called “applets” which are coded...

IPv6 Comes to Life Today

IPv6 is launched today and some of the major service provider including AT&T, Cisco, Comcast, Google, Facebook have transited to the newest version of Internet Protocol. IPv6 is seen as a...

Schedule Your Data Backups on Cloud Hosting

Taking backup is one of the most important job for any company or an individual. Habit of taking Periodic backups can save your money and efforts. Apart of taking physical backups...

Top 10 Gmail Features You Must Know

There are several great things that Gmail, the official Google online mail application, can handle. Here are a few of the best Gmail features that you should use. Some of these features can be activated from gmail labs tab in settings page . Labels :- You can create different labels for all of your emails. These include labels that help to state that you have certain emails for personal needs, receipts from online transactions, travel parts and other materials. Spam Reporting :- You can report individual emails as spam mails. This can work in the event that an email ends up appearing in your inbox and that email is spam. Google will keep a record of your report and potentially collect several reports to help create spam notifications. This will help to keep certain emails from being sent to other people over a period of time.

RingCentral – Best Cloud Based Phone System

So you have a small progressive company with big dreams and want to have functionality of a big and world class corporate. Then RingCentral is one company you should contact for all your corporate style Phone system. With RingCentral services you can send or receive fax online, add auto-receptionist etc., and don’t need to implement expensive and complex phone systems. The service comes with 24*7 live support.

iomoio.com – Buy Cheap Legal Mp3 Music Online

Want to purchase legal mp3 music at cheap and affordable price then you should check iomoio.com This Non-US based site provides legal mp3 downloads as cheap as $0.16, a complete album of 11 songs can be downloaded at just $1.76. As the site is based outside US there is no obligation to sell music online for minimum price of $0.99 set by US laws.

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