Microsoft Windows 10 has introduced some subtle changes in login screen which are interesting. One of these changes is account picture of user account. The size and shape of user account picture frame has been changed. The frame is quite large in Windows 10 as compared to other legacy Windows.

Windows 10 allows you to change profile picture of local user account. You can put your own picture on your personal account directly through web cam or select it from your computer storage. You can also change and remove it anytime.
Besides this, you can also record video as an alternative of still picture using web cam and set it on the account.
No matter, whether you have created one or more than one account in your Windows 10 system. You can set different picture or video to each account.

How To Change Account Picture/Video Of Local Account In Windows 10

Navigate the Settings of your Windows 10 system and click on the Accounts option. You can also open Start menu and then click on the Change account settings in the accounts option.

change display picture of user account in windows 10

Now if you want to take a picture directly through camera then click on Camera option under Create your picture section.



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Click on Browse for one to choose picture from the storage of your computer. Note that you can keep three pictures on the login screen for quick change. Besides this you can replace pictures anytime.




You can also set video on your login screen instead of still picture. For this, click on Camera option and hit video button on the camera screen. Shoot the video to set on the account. Click on video button again to stop the recording. Check the preview by playing video and click on OK.

change picture of user account in windows 10

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change display picture of user account in windows 10

Note that the video doesn’t show on the start menu. It only shows only on login screen in Windows 10.




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