Microsoft Windows 10 enables users to set different pictures on Computer system as wallpaper, login screen background, user account picture and so on. As a picture  says thousands of words about the user, he should put the pictures that reflect his choice, personality and attitude towards life.

To change the login screen background is almost same as to change the wallpaper in Windows 10.
Although login screen background always features the default Windows spotlight yet you can change the background by following a simple procedure.

change login screen background in windows 10

How To Change Login Screen Background In Windows 10

First of all, launch the Settings of your Computer running Windows 10 and click on Personalization option.

change login screen background in windows 10

Now click on Lock screen tab on the left pane of the window. You can see the Preview and default background on the right pane of the window.



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Click on the drop down menu under the Background option and select the picture if you want to set a single picture as background of login screen. Choose from the pictures that are already displaying or you can also browse to choose picture from Computer storage.

change login screen background picture in windows 10

If you want to select number of pictures for the login screen background then select Slideshow option from the same drop down menu. Now click on Add a folder option and select the folder of pictures from your Computer storage.
Note: Put all the pictures that you want to use as lock screen background in a single folder.

change login screen background in windows 10

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Now close the Settings window and check the login screen background. You can change this background as many times as you desire.
Some of the users become confuse between login and lock screen background and we would like to clear this confusion. Both login and lock screen background is same. Try to use this tweak and renovate your login screen with your favorite colorful pictures instead of sticking to default picture.


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