How to Change Screen Resolution on Windows 10

Screen Resolution impacts on the clarity & sharpness of contents as well as media displaying on your PC screen. The correct screen resolution setting gives a perfect look for your contents. If the resolution is not proper, every image will look distorted. You can change screen resolution manually if you think the appearance of your Windows 10 PC doesn’t look like as it should be.

The recommended PC resolution might be different for each display. Higher the monitor resolution, clearer and sharper the contents displayed on PC. Lower resolution will show enlarged items on your screen.

To change display setting on Windows 10 is slightly different as compared to legacy Windows but it is a process of few simple steps.

How to Change Screen Resolution on Windows 10

Right click on the desktop and hit Display settings option.

modify screen resolution on windows 10

Scroll down the screen and click on “Advanced display settings” link. In case you have more than one displays attached to the system, select the display identity for which you want to make modifications.

change screen resolution on windows 10

Open the drop down menu under Resolution section and change monitor resolution as per your preferences.

change display settings windows 10

Now hit Apply button. On the next window, you will be asked whether you want to keep these display settings or not. Click on “Keep changes” if you want to pursue with the modifications. In case, you don’t want to continue with the selected resolution, you can click “Revert” to undo changes.

change screen resolution on windows 10

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Note: If you don’t confirm the changes in 15 seconds, it will revert back to default settings of your Windows 10 PC.

When you click keep changes button, you will get “Optimal Resolution Notification” in case the modified resolution setting is not optimal. You may ignore that notification or may choose another appropriate resolution.

change monitor resolution windows 10

That’s it. Now you can make modifications to the resolution of all your displays as per your choice and preferences.

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