How to Move Windows Temporary Folders to another Location

Windows temporary folders is one such folder which gets bigger and bigger with non-required temp windows files as your operating grew older. As latest windows laptops are coming with faster SSD drives which are low on disk space.

You may need to frequently delete windows 10 temporary files manually or use a windows temp file cleaner. If you do not clean windows temp folder on regular basis you can also move temp windows folder to another larger drive partition.

There is another type of temp folder named Windows.old which you need to keep in mind when looking to free disk space on c drive. This windows.old folder  is created after you have upgraded to windows 10 from an older windows version like windows 7 or windows 8.1. Check the steps to delete windows.old folder

Types of Windows 10 Temporary Folders

Windows operating system generally has 2 windows temp folders. First one is located in “C:\Windows\” which is used by Windows to store temp files created by operating system itself and can be accessed by typing in “TEMP” in Run command box.

Second windows temp folder is created in Local setting folder (“%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\“) by system from Windows 10 each user. This temp folder is used by 3rd party application to store temp files. This folder can be accessed by typing in “%TEMP%” in Run command box.

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This tutorial is all about changing windows temp folder location in few easy steps.

Press WIN+R and hit enter after typing in “TEMP”

windows temp folder command

First you need to go to control panel and click “System” icon.

windows control panel system icon

Click on “Advanced system setting” link in popped up System windows.

Windows Temporary Folders

Now you another windows “System Properties windows” will open. Go to “Advanced” tab and click on “Environmental Variables” button.

In environment variables section you will see two portions one is “user variables” and user is “System variables”.  You need to change value for both TEMP and TMP variables in both sections. First section is used to store tmp files for each user and in second section you can change temp file location for system.

change windows tmp folder location
Select the Temp variable and click edit. In the new edit variable windows, give the new path for the temp folder in “Variable value” box. Change the variable for both the sections.

update windows 10 temp files path

You will need to restart the PC for changed temp folder to come into effect. Moving windows temp folder will help you in saving the precious SSD space.

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