How to Check the Size of Windows 10 Updates to Avoid Charges on Limited Data Plans

Windows 10 is known for its automatic updates feature. The purpose behind this feature is to ensure that every Windows 10 device is updated in time, as updated devices are not vulnerable to threats. Microsoft keeps on providing regular updates which is pretty good for the users but sometimes users with limited data plans get worried, as they don’t know the size of Windows 10 updates. The updates get started in the background without any notification which cause to additional cost in case of limited data plan.

Besides this user is unable to predict how much time the system is going to take in the process of downloading and installing Windows 10 updates. This could be irritating sometimes. There is no official method to check the size of Windows 10 Updates.

There is a Minitool in the form of solution to avoid an inconvenience during automatic updates. With the help of Windows Update Minitool, you can check the size of Windows 10 updates prior to download & install them.

Features of Windows Update Minitool

This is the tool which is developed by the third party to help the Windows 10 users to have better experience while downloading and installing automatic updates. There are a wide range of functions which can be performed with the help of this tool.
• Check the size of Windows 10 updates prior to download and install them.
• Download and install any of particular updates.
• Download the updates but restrict to install them.
• Block or hide particular updates.
• Uninstall or remove particular updates.
• Save the information regarding updates.
• Check updates history.

How to Check the Size of Windows 10 Updates Using Windows Update Minitool

You need to follow below given guide in order to check the size of Windows 10 Updates:

• Download Windows Update Minitool by clicking on Download button.

• After extracting the zip file, install it on your Windows 10 PC. It will take few seconds to be installed.
• When the application gets installed, run it.
• Now you can see four options Windows Update, Installed, Hidden, Update History appearing on the left pane of window.

windows update minitool options

• You can also notice some icons to perform various functions such as Check for updates, Download only, no install, Install updates, Uninstall updates, Hide updates and copy direct file link to clipboard. When you place mouse cursor on any of the icons, you can see the message prompting the purpose of the icon.

icons for performing functions using windows update minitool

• Finally if you want to check the size of Windows 10 Updates, just click on Windows Update option which appears on the top left corner Windows Update Minitool interface window. Now you will be able to see the updates with full details like title, category, date and size.

Check Windows 10 updates size

Now you can decide what next action do you want to take on the Windows 10 Updates using various options available on this application.

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  1. Really? what about to google the name (KBxxxxx) and click on the site “Microsoft Update Catalog”? there you see the exact size of the file. Without installing any “third party” software…. Cheers


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