No doubt I am a big fan of Google Chrome browser, and use it as my primary browser on both my desktop and my Nexus phone. Chrome also has its share of problems in terms of power consumption and too much memory usage. But, with latest release of Chrome 45 Google claims to have resolved all those problems in a very creative way.

offline installer google chrome 45

New memory saving technique introduced by Google can now detect and idle tab and free up unused memory via garbage collection process. Google reports to achieve 10 percent reduction of memory usage on average, but with complex web apps like Gmail it claims to achieve around 25 percent reduction in memory usage.

The flash auto pause feature automatically suspend flash content on a website, this feature is enabled by default. Google says that enabling this feature will save 15 percent of battery power.

Additionally, Chrome will now monitor the resources available to it. If your computer doesn’t have the resources Chrome needs, background activity on tabs will be paused until you click on them.

Google Chrome Browser offline Installer 32bit
Google Chrome Browser Stand alone Installer 64bit



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