Chromebook is essentially a secure device but what about the attackers who are capable of accessing Chromebook with the help of a malicious USB drive? Google is taking steps to get rid of this issue that makes the Chromebooks vulnerable to security threats. Upcoming Chrome OS feature “USBGuard” will provide relief to the users by bringing threats such as Rubber Ducky or malicious USB device to an end.
Chrome OS to Block USB Ports on Locked Devices

How ChromeOS will resist Rubber Ducky threats?

This latest USB Safeguard feature will resist attackers from operating at locked Chromebook. If you connect USB while the device is unlocked, it will continue to function even if the device gets locked.

USBGuard will only be applicable to the newly connected USB devices. The attackers will not be able to compromise the security of your device with Rubber Ducky or another malicious USB thumb drive that imitate to be a keyboard and inject keystrokes.

As per the reports, there would be an option to whitelist your trusted USB devices. Whenever you or someone else will connect a new USB device to locked device, Chrome OS will stop reading the code or executing commands on it.

Chromebook’s USBGuard flag has become necessary for all users instead of just for those who on Chrome OS Canary channel. When this feature arrives, Chromebooks will be fully secure even before bad actors.


You can download Chrome OS and enjoy more secure computing experience. Here you can find Chromium OS builds that are updated on regular basis.

Let’s wait for the releasing of USBGuard for Chromebooks. Stay tuned for more updates.


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