Configure f.lux help to reduce eye strain and get better sleep

F.lux is the tool which is specially designed for those users, who keep on working on desktops or laptops for long hours and feel their eyes strained. This special tool helps users to get better sleep and reduce eye strain by adjusting display temperature as per the time of particular location. In this blog post, we will let you know how you can Configure f.lux settings.

Configure f.lux setting

F.lux changes the temperature of colors according to timing. During the night hours, f.lux uses warmer colors than during the day hours. There are some of the devices that comes with brightness sensors and adjust the screen brightness automatically but keeps the color temperature unchanged. This discrepancy is fulfilled by f.lux tool for the ease of watching Computer screen for long time.

This temperature adjusting tool is available free for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Besides this, you can also use this tool on your iPad or iPhone but only if you jailbreak.

Configure f.lux on Windows 10

Let’s discuss, how you can configure f.lux tool on your Computer and avails the features to reduce eye strain.

Download & install f.lux

To get f.lux tool for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS, click here.
Install it on your PC by following the on screen instructions.

Set your location

When you install f.lux, it gets launched automatically. If not launched, you can launch it by yourself. Fill the zip code of your location by clicking on change button under “Set your location” option. See the screenshot. This will set the time zone as per your location to adjust the color temperature of the screen.

Configure f.lux help to reduce eye strain

set location in f.lux

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Enable different modes

F.lux allows you to enable different modes as per your requirement. There are three different modes, safe mode, movie mode and darkroom mode. To access the modes, click on three lines menu appearing on the top right corner of f.lux screen. Now select your desired mode.

enable different modes in f.lux

Set lighting during night hours

You can manually set lighting during night time if you need to do so. For this, click on “Lighting at night” option in the settings menu and choose desired color temperature. It is good to use Fluorescent (4200k) during night but every user has different preferences.

set lighting at night in f.lux

To disable f.lux tool

In case you are working with color sensitive programs such as Photoshop and Corel Draw, you can disable this tool, for an hour or long time. Just access settings tab and click on disable link.

disable f.lux

Try this tool on your Windows PC and get better sleep than ever before. Write us about your experience in the comments section.

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