Beware of Corona Virus Email Scams: A New Online Threat

While novel corona virus has become the concern for the entire world, some of the cyber criminals and scammers are targeting users by sending malware and phishing emails amid Covid-19.

Google, the tech giant, is reportedly blocking 18 million corona virus phishing emails every day. The cybercriminals are taking advantage if this pandemic coronavirus for the explosion of phishing attacks. They are trying to trick users to steal their personal & financial credentials by sending same emails with different subject.

Corona virus scam email

Coronavirus scam emails are designed to imitating companies and government organizations for raising funds on the name of Covid-19 pandemic, download infected program on the computer that will resultantly steal the important information of the user.

During this lock-down period, some of the people are working from home and this phishing attack has also been designed by taking the concern of this situation. The workers are getting scam emails that are pretended to be from the admin department of their companies. These emails instruct them to follow a link and fill the required information

Cyber-criminals are using different email scams in a smart way to get quick response from the Gmail users. Google is taking significant steps to stop this online threat, but the users can take preventive measures to avoid being a victim of this phishing scam. For this, the users should be alert while clicking on the links given in emails. Unknown and unexpected emails should be reported and if they open such email, they should verify the URL carefully before providing any kind of information.

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