Coronavirus Tracker App for Android and iOS

The government of India is going to launch CoWin-20, a coronavirus tracker app to combat the community spread of the dreadful virus. The CoWin-20 app will be available for both Android and iOS users.

As per the reports, the app aims to help the users to avoid going Covid-19 affected areas and even know if they have been in close contact with the persons who are diagnosed with positive coronavirus. The users of this app will also be able to find the list of people who were in their contact and caught by covid-19 in the later stage.

CoWin-20 app

With the help of this new smartphone app, the Indian government wants to boost up the process of curbing coronavirus.

As per the reports of News18, the beta version of CoWin-20 app is out for the testing purpose but the launching date has not been revealed yet. After the completion of the testing phase, the stable version of CoWin-20 app will be available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

CoWin-20 app will access the location data and Bluetooth to determine if the person is within the distance of six feet of coronavirus positive person. This app will have permission to check the database of covid-19 patients and send an alert to the user whenever necessary.

The health ministry plans to push a notification to all the persons who had close contact with those tested positive for COVID-19. The ministry will ask all the persons for the test.

This app will keep on monitoring the movements and personal travel histories of the patients as well as the persons who are at high risk of covid-19 positivity.

We cannot predict the range of benefits of this app as there are multiple factors that will decide the success of CoWin-20. The first factor is the installation of the app by a large number of people and another is to give attention to notifications & alerts.

The Indian government is making worth noticing steps to curb coronavirus, but some people are not following instructions and becoming a threat to others.

PM Modi announced a complete lockdown in India for 21 days due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. During this period, there’s a need to cooperate with the Government and contribute to the wellbeing of the entire Nation.

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