Majority of Windows 10 users have never created separate account on their desktop. They keep on sharing their accounts either with family members or colleagues. The outcome of sharing same account with others is that their data gets mingled up with each other. It is neither secure nor preferable.

To create new local user account is recommended on your Windows 10 desktop if you share your desktop with other users. New user account will help you to save your important data from your over curious kids or your peeping tom like colleagues.

To create new user account on Windows 10, you need to follow few simple steps and then you can enjoy multiple user account system.

Create new Windows 10 user account  

  • Firstly, click on Start button of your Computer. The start menu will appear.  You will see Settings icon on the left bottom side of the start menu. Click on it.



  • Now the setting window will be displayed. There will be various setting options. Click on the Accounts option.



  • Your current account information will be displayed.



  • Now you can see the number of options on the left side. Click on Family & other people option.



  • There will be two broad options, one is Your family and the other is Other people.  You can choose your new user account category as per your requirement.



  • If you want to create a new user account for a family member then click on the first option i.e. Add a family  member.


  • You can add a new account for a child or for an adult. Both options are available.



  • If you want to create an account for a family member who is a minor, then select the option of Add a child, fill the Microsoft email address and click on Next.  


  • Now the confirmation window will appear. Click on the Confirm button to create new user account for the child of your family.



  • After confirmation, the user has to accept the invitation from his email. Let him know to connect to the system via internet for the first time. Then he will be able to use your computer system using his own new account. Close the window and make sure to accept the invitation from the user’s email.



How to create new user account without Microsoft account

You can also create a new user account on Windows 10 even without a Microsoft account of the user. After selecting between the two options (Add a child or Add an adult), you can click on the link that is given on the bottom side of the pop up window i.e.  The person I want to add doesn’t have an email address.



  • Now a new window will be displayed. Fill the information of the user for whom, are you going to create a new user account. Then click on Next.



  • You will be asked for the mobile number for security reasons and to recover password. Fill the mobile number and click on Next. If you don’t want to add mobile number, you can add an alternate email address by clicking on the link.



  • Now there will be an agreement window. You can select or deselect the options and then click on the Next.



  • Finally your new user account has been created.  Just close the pop up window and enjoy the new user account.



  • Now your family member can access new user account on your Windows 10.



  • You can also create new user account for other people with the same procedure and restrict other persons to use your account.


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