Create QR Codes For Free With SPARQCode!

All of you know about bar codes. I am going to introduce to you next generation bar Code called Quick Response short name “QR”. QR is an advance Matrix based 2D bar code which can contain many type of contents like mobile number, website url or location of a building. These QR codes have limitless applications as various types of data can be stored in it.

Application of Quick Response Code

Initially used for tracking various parts in vehicle manufacturing sector. These days QR code is being used widely in many sectors like hospitals, Social Media, blogging, marketing, sales, etc. You can make Quick Response code to store address and url of your business which can be displayed on advertisements in magazines, on your business cards. Stickers can be pasted on various important locations around a building or entire city.

How to Create a Quick Response Code with Sparqcode ?

You can create your own QR Code using free service from Sparqcode is a simple and easy  QR code maker. First you have to register yourself with website. After you login your will be provide with option for type of information you want to store in it. Select the desired icon and fill in the required information and a image of QR Code is displayed which you can download you your use on various platforms. An Image tag is also provided to embed Sparqcode in any of the webpage online.


How to read or scan Sparqcode ?

If you have a mobile phone with camera and required reader application you can scan the image of Sparqcode and can retrieve the hidden information in it. You can download mobile apps required to scan sparqcode image from here.

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  1. Nice tool, it seems QR codes and QR code generators are every where these days. I’ve played with quite a few but first impressions with this one looks pretty good


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