Sharing files between multiple systems used to be somewhat a task to accomplish post windows 7. Windows 7 introduced a feature called Homegroup which made it a simple task.

What is a Windows 7 Homegroup ?

A homegroup makes it easy to share files and other system resources like printers on a local network. You can share pictures, music, documents and printers with others people attached with you via same homegroup. You can also set different permission on different files and folders so that files which you want can be changes or not.

To setup homegroup you should be having a copy of Windows 7 premium or of above version of Microsoft’s windows operating system to create homegroup for the first time and then onwards any pc having any version of win7 operating system can join the network group and start sharing files and resources like printers between them.

How to create Windows 7 Homegroup ?


  1. Type homegroup in start menu’s search box, or you can fire up control panel and click on Network and Internet link.
  2. Click Create a Homegroup if not already set up. In case homegroup is already available on your network you will be asked to join the same. In that case you will need homegroup password to be able to join the already created homegroup and start sharing files.
  3. The first wizard will provided you with options to select the resources you want to share with others users on the same network. Like you can share your pictures, your library, your music, documents and printers.
  4. Next window will give you a system generated password for the created homegroup. You should write it down as you may need to in future to add more systems to win7 homegroup.
  5. You can also change the homegroup default password to some easy password which you can remember.

How to join Windows 7 Homegroup ?

To add other computers to homegroup open the Homegroup wizard on that computer. You will be provided with option to join the automatically detected homegroup we created. Just click Join Now button and enter the homegroup password. Now you will be able to access all the shared libraries, drives and resources like printer available on created homegroup.


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