How to Customize, Import and Export Start Menu Layout in Windows 10

Windows 10 users usually tweak with Start menu layout to customize it as per the choice. As this process takes time and the users do not want to miss their favorite layout due to any reason and there is a good idea to fix Start menu layout. If you have customized Start menu layout of your Windows 10 PC and want the same layout on other computers too, you can export Start menu layout.

In this blog post, we will let you know how you can customize, import and export Start menu layout in Windows 10 PC.

How to Customize Start Menu Layout in Windows 10

You can follow the below given steps to customize the layout of Start menu. It is good to customize the layout on a test computer.

Pin Apps to Start

First of all, pin the apps to Start which you want to be displayed there. For this, just right click on the app and select “Pin to Start”.

pin apps to start windows 10

Unpin Apps from Start

You can unpin apps that you don’t want to see at Start. Right click on the app which you want to unpin and select “Unpin from Start”.

unpin apps from start windows 10

Move and Resize Tiles

If you want to change the location of any tile, just click and drag it to the desired location. To change the size of any tile, right click on the tile, select Resize option and choose the size (small, medium or wide).

resize tiles on start windows 10

Create Apps Groups

Place the apps at an empty area, click above the group of tiles and give the name to the group of tiles.

create apps group in start windows 10

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How to Export Start Menu Layout in Windows 10

Launch the Windows PowerShell as Administrator and run the following command


export-startlayout –path .xml


export-startlayout –path C:\startlayout.xml

The above command will export the xml file to the specified path. Do remember the path, it will be used while importing the file. You can transfer this xml file to other computers too.

export start menu layout in windows 10

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How to Import Start Menu Layout in Windows 10

The file which you have exported can be deployed by using Group Policy Editor.

Hit “Win + R” to open Run app. Type gpedit.msc and hit Enter key.

launch gpedit.msc windows 10

Now, navigate to “User Configuration”, then “Administrative Templates” and “Start Menu and Taskbar”.

import and deploy start menu layout using group policy editor

Find the “Start Layout” from the right pane of the Group Editor window and open the setting.

start layout setting in gpedit.msc

You can see three options with radio buttons “Not Configured”, “Enabled” and “Disabled”. Turn on the “Enabled” option. Now type the xml file path where you exported the file (C:\startlayout.xml) in Start Layout File text box. Hit Apply button and then you need to sign in again to your account.

start menu layout setting in windows 10

Now you will not be able to make changes to your Start menu layout as it is fixed now. If you want to make it editable, just select “Disabled” radio button on the same settings window. You can update the xml file whenever desired with same process.

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