How To Customize Taskbar In Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 taskbar serves as a system tray that contains icons and running apps. You can customize the taskbar in the several ways. You can totally modify the taskbar or make minor changes as per your requirement.
There is no much difference in customizing the taskbar in legacy Windows and Windows 10, but there are few tweaks in the ways of customizing the taskbar in Windows 10.

How To Customize Taskbar In Windows 10

Right click on the empty area of the taskbar and select Settings option from the list. You can also navigate taskbar settings by following path:
Start > Settings > Personalization > Taskbar


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The first and foremost toggle option is Lock the taskbar. If you want to move the taskbar from bottom area to left, right or top then turn off this option. Click & drag the taskbar to the desired direction. You can lock the taskbar in any direction.


The next option is Automatic hide the taskbar in desktop mode. If you turn on this toggle option, taskbar is only displayed when you place the cursor on the taskbar location. This option is only for desktop mode.


The third option is same as the second one. The only difference is, the third option is used for tablet mode.


The next option enables you to change the size of icons of the taskbar. Enable this option if you want small sized icons on the taskbar.


The following option allows you to use Peek to preview the desktop whenever you move the mouse to the Show desktop button at the bottom right area of the taskbar. This option enables you to quickly view desktop icons and folders without minimizing all the opened windows.

customize-taskbar-8If you want to replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu then turn on the next option. Now you will see Windows PowerShell in place of Command Prompt when you right click on Start or hit Windows key + X.


Windows 10 anniversary update lets you to show badges for universal apps on the taskbar. You can also disable badges if you don’t like.


You can change the location of taskbar by selecting the desired direction from the drop down list under Taskbar location on screen.


The following option enables you to combine taskbar buttons as per your requirement. Click on the drop down list under the option Combine taskbar buttons and select the desired option.


You can also manage Notification Area of your desktop. Two links are available to manage notification area. First link enables you to choose which icons should be displayed on the taskbar.

customize-taskbar-13 customize-taskbar-14

Another link allows you to turn on or off the System icons.


Customize The Taskbar Of Multiple Displays

If you are using multiple displays, you can also manage the display of taskbar on additional screens. Turn on or off the toggle option Show taskbar on all displays as per your requirement.


The next option under Multiple displays section allows you to select whether the taskbar should be displayed on additional screen or not. Select the desired option from the drop down list.


The final option enables you to combine buttons on taskbar of additional screen.


Now you can customize each section of your taskbar by following this simple process and modernize the taskbar for the ease of operations.

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