There are many different types of PC monitors available today. Whether it be a CRT, an LCD, or an LED LCD. I can explain just how each piece of technology works and what it means for you.

The first thing you should consider when you’re trying to figure out which PC monitor is best for you is this. How big do you need your screen to be? Oftentimes people need small screens due to a lack of desktop space. Other people want as big of a screen as possible. One of the best ways to see just how big of a screen you want is to make a fake screen out of cardboard, and then placing it on your desk. Make sure that you measure that piece of cardboard diagonally, and that it has a 16:9 ratio; that is, for every 16 inches wide it is, it is also 9 inches tall. Once you have the right piece of cardboard and know how long it is (again, measured diagonally), then you know how big your screen needs to be. Take into account that every screen has a bezel of some sort, and approximately 2 inches should be added to your total inch measurement.

Once you have the size down, you need to consider what type of technology you are looking to employ. The best of the best PC monitors available are going to be labeled with a couple of things. First off, they are going to use LED backlighting. Most old LCD monitors use CFL for their backlights. CFL bulbs take more energy, take longer to heat up, and are more yellow than LED backlights. Because of this, LEDs are the preferred method for backlighting nowadays. The next thing you should see is “IPS” or “eIPS”. Without a bachelors in electrical engineering, explaining the different between the two will be near impossible. Suffice it to say both are forms of LCD technology, and that IPS is superior to almost every other type. eIPS is also a good way to go, but IPS is still superior. Most monitors today use TN technology. If you are looking for the best PC monitors available, stay away from TN.

So, to recap. If you’re looking for the best PC monitors out there you need to get an LED LCD IPS panel. This type of monitor will look superior to all other screens!



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