Delete EFI Partition from USB Flash Drive with Diskpart in Windows 10/8.1/7/XP

EFI System Partition (ESP) is a partition on the data storage devices such as USB, Hard Disk Drive, and a Solid-State Drive. The EFI partition contains the boot loader programs and kernel images that are used by the firmware and system utility programs.

In case you want to delete EFI partition from USB flash drive or reformat it. You can follow this guide, which will let you know how to format the partition from USB drive or other storage devices.

Microsoft has protected the EFI partition in Windows OS from being deleted accidentally as deletion of EFI system partition can make installed operating systems unbootable.

When you install Windows Operating System on HDD or SSD, EFI System Partition gets created. Usually, EFI partition doesn’t display in Windows File Explorer as it doesn’t have any drive letter.

If you want to uninstall Windows system and remove EFI system partition on internal or external hard drive in order to free up disk space, you can use Disk Management tool.

But sometimes it gets harder to delete EFI partition in Windows 10/8.1/7/XP as the “Delete Volume” feature get disabled (grayed out) in Windows Disk Management.

At that moment, you can delete the partition from USB drive or hard disk drive using diskpart on Windows system. Moreover, you can also repartition USB drive, HDD or SSD whenever required.

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To Delete EFI Partition in Windows System with Diskpart

Launch the Command Prompt as an Administrator on your Windows system.

Run command prompt as an administrator

When prompt with UAC, click Yes to proceed. Run the “DISKPART” command.

Run diskpart command

Now type “LIST DISK” and press Enter to display the list of connected drives to Windows PC.

Run list disk command

Note the drive for which you want to perform deletion of EFI system partition. Type the command “Select disk X”. Here replace the “X” with digit assigned to the drive.

select disk to remove EFI partition

Finally run the “Clean” command to wipe out EFI partition from USB flash drive, HDD or SSD.

Run clean command

That’s it. The EFI system partition will get removed from your storage drive. In case you face any problem when you try to remove EFI partition, let us know via comments. We shall assist you in every possible manner.

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