How To Delete Windows.old Folder In Windows 10

Millions of Windows users have upgraded their system from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10. As a result a folder named as Windows.old is created automatically on partition where your operating systems is installed. This folder contains the copy of previous version of Windows. The motive of Windows.old folder is to provide the facility to roll back to the previous Windows in case the user doesn’t like the upgraded Windows 10.

To delete the Windows.old folder is not as easy as to delete another files and folders. You can delete this folder by following a few minutes’ process.

Should you delete Windows.old folder after upgrading Windows OS?

Now you can think what’s the need to delete this folder? Well, the folder Windows.old occupies a huge space on your computer. It takes more than 15 GB of storage space which is very precious for the users who have the computers with limited storage capacity. If you realize that you are satisfied with the Windows 10 and there is no need to roll back to the legacy Windows then you should delete Windows.old folder. This will prevent you to make wastage of your storage space.

Steps to Delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10

Open the File Explorer by clicking the icon on the Taskbar or simply hit Windows key + E and click on This PC on the left pane of the screen.


Then, on the right pane of the screen, you can the Devices and drives option. Right click on the drive that contains Windows 10 and select the Properties option from the list.



Now click the Disk cleanup button.


Now a space calculating window will appear. It will calculate that how much space you are able to make free. After that another Disk Cleanup pop up window will appear. Click on the Clean up system files button.



Select the Previous Windows installation(s) option  from the list and hit the OK button. Carefully deselect remaining options in case any of those is selected by default.


Now click on the Delete Files on the pop up window to confirm the deletion of files.

Finally, a Disk Cleanup Warning window will appear. Click on Yes to complete the process of deleting Windows.old folder.

Note:- If you have upgraded your Windows a few months ago then you don’t need to use this Disk Cleanup tool to delete Windows.old folder. Windows automatically remove this folder after one month.

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