Google has launched a developer update to Chrome OS. The developer update will enable users to use Android apps on four more Chromebook models. Google is taking time to rollout Play Store on chromebook family. These four Chromebook devices have been chosen from most popular manufacturers. These devices include Dell Chromebook 13, Samsung Chromebook 3, HP 13 and ASUS C301SA. Google has promised to provide Android apps support to the rest of Chromebook models soon.

developer update chromebook OS

If you possess one of these Chromebooks then you would probably excited to access Google Play Store without any delay. Run the latest developer update to your Chromebook and access your favorite Android apps.

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How To Update Developer Channel On Chromebook

This is pretty simple to switch to developer channel. For this you need to follow an easy procedure.

Settings > About Chrome OS > More Info > Change Channel and then select Developer Channel

After following these steps, the Chromebook will automatically download and install the developer update and prompt reboot to complete the installation process.

It is recommended to back up your important data before trying developers update as it may contain bugs that infect your data or you may need to switch back to your stable channel. If you don’t like the experience of developer update then you can move back to the stable build at any moment. Even in the initial stage, some of the Android apps may not work flawlessly.

Try this developer update version on your Chromebook and let us know about your experience via comments.


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