Digital Wellbeing: Now you can check how much time do you spend on YouTube Videos

Google is making efforts for the Digital Wellbeing and has taken initiative to give YouTube users an overview of the habits of their usage. Now YouTube app shows how much time you have spent watching videos on YouTube. The users will be able to find a bunch of YouTube tools in one place.

“Our goal is to provide a better understanding of time spent on YouTube, so you can make informed decisions about how you want YouTube to best fit into your life.” the Company stated in its blog post.

The company already recommended taking a break while watching videos on YouTube. Apart from this, other tools help you to control notifications.

You can check the stats in your account menu. This shows you that for how much time you watched videos on Today, Yesterday and the past seven days.

To get reminders for taking a break and an option for autoplay videos, you can access the tabs just below of Stats.

Without an iota of doubt, Google is taking Digital Heath as an important factor and the tools are indeed noticeable. Would you like to take advantage of Google’s Digital Wellbeing initiative? You can develop your own sense of digital wellbeing with the help of various new tools introduced for the same purpose.

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