Mozilla released Firefox 54 in June which nailed the right balance between the memory and speed of the system by using the hardware in a better way. As this improved update was liked by Firefox users, now the latest Firefox 55 is released with WebVR support enabled, Firefox screenshots and more. You can download Firefox 55 Offline Installer using official links provided in this blog post.

All the Windows users, on Firefox 55, who own HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset will be able to experience VR content on the web by default. They can explore exciting demos on the web using the Firefox 55 update.

Download Firefox 55 offline installer for free and experience this latest WebVR support on your Windows system. The Firefox 55 stand-alone installer setup can be used on multiple systems even without Internet connectivity.

Mozilla has coupled with WebGL (Web Graphics Library) to render interactive 3D graphics within the Firefox web browser.

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The WebVR support was made available on Firefox Nightly eight months ago. This version of Mozilla is built by individual developers.

Now Firefox will be joining the rank rate of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, these browsers also added WebVR support in the starting of this year.

Apart from the WebVR support, Firefox 55 also added a new feature called Firefox Screenshots but it still in beta testing. This feature allows you take screenshots of the entire web page or you can simply select a portion of the screen to capture it. These screenshots are automatically saved to the cloud and you can download it if required.

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